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Publish your own books

Publish Your Own Books

Create a Virtual Duplicate of your Business on the Internet

You can have customers, investors, employees, or business associates come to your office and see your facilities without ever having to leave their homes. This is particularly helpful when trying to coordinate busy schedules of people who are not local, and yet need to meet.

Each location made is available 24 hours a day, and can be set up to give information automatically for employee training or investor information. Text, audio, video and web content can all be placed on the virtual location for interactive information exchange.

Personal meetings and communication are done through a virtual representation of you and your customers at the location. Locations are accessible to only those you allow to visit, and communication between you and your customers or associates can be made in text, audio, or video.

Make Virtual Images of Proposed Places

With Virtual Reflections’ help, you can make an online version of your proposed project to show investors, future tenants, contractors, or anyone else.

You no longer have to show plans and models; they can log into your site and literally walk though your proposal, seeing things as they would an actual building. Details can be added or changed at little or no cost, and tenants can make color choices and floor plan designs based on ‘seeing’ their home before the foundation is poured.