Virtual Reflections offers training for your employees and business associates. Training can be done on an individual level, or company classes can be arranged. Our trainer also teaches a course on virtual reality through Wake Technical Community College for after hours learning.

Training topics include:

  • Setting up customer accounts
  • Converting virtual to real money
  • Information and communications
  • 3D creation and building
  • Publicity and security





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Publish your own books

Publish Your Own Books

Set up and Support

When you call Virtual Reflections, we will set up an initial visit to come out to your location and show you sample virtual businesses. Our representative will go over options and what you can expect the virtual world to do for you. Whether your site will be just a simple 3D advertising site, or an integral part of your business, we will make sure you are shown the good and bad points of having a virtual site.

After the meeting, Virtual Reflections will set up, or help you set up your virtual business. We will make sure you have as close to what you want as the virtual world allows. We will even make sure you understand all the aspects of accessing your virtual business.

Once you are up and running, we will make sure everything is working to your satisfaction. The site will be yours, so we will not be hovering over you and interfering with your business; but if you need us for further changes or support, we will be here in both the real world and the virtual world.

If requested, Virtual Reflections can do regular maintenance and upgrades to your virtual business. Maintenance could include updating information hand outs and even moving your location as areas become more or less busy.

Virtual Reflections also has several online assistants. These are people who work with us and can often answer your questions while online. Since they are located all over the real world, it is very uncommon to go more than a few hours without one of our online helpers being available.

Sales, service, and customer support: Old fashioned business in a new world.

Wake Technical Community College Virtual class

Above are the Real Life and the virtual classrooms for the “Entering Virtual Reality” class at Wake Technical Community College. The class is designed and taught by Virtual Reflections owner Steve Stone. Any individuals who wish to learn how to build a virtual life and their own website can get a start with this class.

(Please note, this is a beginners class only. You will not be able to create complex Virtual sites after this course, only basic ones.)