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Publish your own books

Publish Your Own Books

Safely train in dangerous and emergency situations. Errors result in no pain or loss of life.

Create virtual classrooms exactly like your own.

Medical students can learn to use hospital equipment.

"Alas Poor Uric..I knew him Horatio.."

Demonstrate your builds at any size

Customers and investors can visit your business from anywhere in the world.

Other Uses

"Cause this is thriller, thriller night..."

High Security Prison - How do you maintain skills and preparedness for prison incidents?  You can not do it on site, but you can do it in a duplicate virtual prison. Emergency drills and incident training can be done in virtual worlds, showing exactly what to do in the real world.  Instructors can modify the training in an instant, just as real situations change unexpectedly.

Bank Training - Banks, like all commercial enterprises, have procedures and rules to follow.  With a virtual bank, your trainees can practice balancing between drawers, use of change vaults, paperwork procedures, and more. Customer relations and work policies can be taught and practiced with active participation.

Restaurant - Train your new employee in virtual space. SImple exercises teach them to deal with surly customers.  Have them practice finding supplies without getting in the way of the working staff.