Steve Stone is a modern day Renaissance man. He approaches today's technology and applied science with a truly medieval work ethic. He is a skilled tradesman in many old-world crafts, such as blacksmithing, woodcarving, and leather-working. In addition to Second Life and Virtual Reality, he has instructed classes in stone cutting and gem-craft, and Macintosh computers and applications. He is also an ordained minister for the Church of Earth of NC, an author of supernatural romance novels, and a Kabballic Priest. He thrives on knowledge and learning, both from ancient times and the present day.

Steve also houses and cares for raptors and birds of prey on behalf of the American Wildlife Refuge. He gladly provides presentations of these birds to schools, fairs and festivals. He captivates audiences as he introduces them to Beanca, a fierce-looking golden eagle with a six-foot + wingspan. But, as you can see from his presentation below, he's equally at home explaining Second Life to educators and administrators at Wake Tech. Whatever he's instructing, you can be sure Steve will throw in an occasional twist or flourish that you will never forget.

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Publish Your Own Books

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